What is Service-Easy?

Service-Easy is an online platform that makes it easy to book your service or repair. We also offer solutions for all your vehicle needs in one place, making it convenient, safe and trusted.

Why should I use Service-Easy and not contact a workshop directly?
- Service-Easy is a platform specifically designed to put customers in touch with reputable workshops for servicing and repairs.
- By using these recommended workshops, we ensure that you get choice, competitive pricing, guaranteed workmanship and reliable replacement parts.
- We take the “haggle” out of booking directly with the workshops by doing it for you and creating transparency upfront.
- If any problems arise with the workshop, we will resolve it for you.
What makes Service-Easy better than the rest? What is the benefit?
- You get to select your dealer based on their reviews, making them strive for excellence in customer experience.
- We have a relationship with all our workshops, we know who they are and the work they do.
- We have a growing network of workshops countrywide.
- We have the support and backing of the original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) we represent.
- Once we have your details, we will keep your service record updated on our system, taking the schlep out of upcoming service bookings.
Why do you need to share my info with third parties?

We need to send the personal information you provide us to the workshop of your choosing to book the service or repair and for billing purposes. We implement a variety of security measures to maintain the safety of your personal information when you book a service or enter, submit, or access your personal information. Read more about our privacy policy

How do I book a service or repair on Service-Easy?

Five easy steps is all it takes. We simply need your car details, your choice of date and workshop, and lastly your details. Easy-peasy! Book now

Can I book for more than one vehicle on Service-Easy?

Yes, you can add the details of multiple vehicles on Service-Easy. We will safely store your details and remind you of upcoming service intervals. You will never miss a service again!

How do your referrals work?

How do your referrals work? If you feel your friends can also benefit from Service-Easy discounts, you are welcome to refer us. You can also find us on Facebook. Feel free to rate us here.

Why do I need to follow my OEM service schedule when my vehicle has a service/maintenance plan or OEM warranty?

Servicing your car as required by the OEM is vital for the longevity, reliability and safety of your vehicle while also contributing to the resale value of your car. Regular servicing could also reduce the chance of costly repairs if issues are picked up before the failure of components. Following your OEM service schedule is also imperative to keep vehicle warranty and plans in tact. You can check your owner’s manual for more details.

What is the difference between an annual or mileage service?

Your service plan, maintenance plan and warranty’s active periods are indicated in time and mileage, for example, a 5-year, 75 000 km plan. You service your car according to whichever comes first. If you don’t put a lot of km on your car, you will probably service it every year for 5 years. At the end of 5 years, your plan expires even if you have not reached 75 000 km. If you do travel a lot, you might service it every 15 000 km even if it means more than one service a year, and your plan expires when your 75 000 km are done even if the 5 years are not.

Which services are recommended for my car that does not have an OEM service/maintenance plan or warranty?

If your car has no warranty or plan coverage, we are able to estimate with our more affordable service offerings.

Oil Service: Oil degrades and loses its lubricating properties. Your oil should be replaced yearly irrespective of mileage travelled. This is the service for you if you travel less than 7000 km per year.
Standard Service: If you travel more than 7000 km per year, a Standard Service is what you’ll need.
Service Plus: This service is what you want if you had an Oil Service or Standard Service done in the past 3 years. Due to wear and tear and prolonged usage, items like spark plugs, fuel filters, etc. should be changed. Thereafter you can revert to your normal selection of service package until the Service Plus is required again.

Recommended service schedule for those travelling less than 7000 km per year

- Year 1: Oil Service
- Year 2: Standard Service
- Year 3: Oil Service
- Year 4: Service Plus
- Year 5: Oil Service
- Year 6: Standard Service
- Year 7: Oil Service
- Year 8: Service Plus

Recommended service schedule for those travelling more than 7000 km per year

- Year 1: Standard Service - Year 2: Standard Service - Year 3: Standard Service
- Year 4: Service Plus
- Year 5: Standard Service
- Year 6: Standard Service
- Year 7: Standard Service
- Year 8: Service Plus
What guarantees do I get by using Service-Easy?

Every service and or repair is backed by the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) warranty for workmanship and defect.

How does Service-Easy support me should I have a query with the workshop?

Service-Easy will act as the mediator should there be any queries raised with a workshop. We will ensure you as the customer are treated fairly by engaging with the workshop’s management directly

Why would I be offered an OEM scheduled service estimate?

All cars under warranty and service plan must comply with the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) service requirements to avoid affecting the warranty or service plan. Please consult your provider’s policy for more clarity.

How will I know if I have an active plan or warranty?

You can check your plan documentation for the time and mileage of your service plan. If you are still within their limits, your plan should still be active. Alternatively, contact your service plan provider and check that it is still active.

What’s the difference between a service plan and a maintenance plan?

Your service plan covers the costs of your car’s regular scheduled services as determined by the manufacturer. Your maintenance plan is more comprehensive and also covers wear-and-tear items. Learn more about car plans

What is a warranty?

Warranties cover unexpected mechanical or electrical breakdowns. It does not cover the repair or replacement of items when wear-and-tear happens - that is covered by a maintenance plan. Your car is usually bought with a warranty from the original manufacturer. When the manufacturer's warranty runs out, you can purchase an extended warranty. Learn more about car plans

What are the implications on my factory warranty when using Service-Easy to book my repair?

Absolutely none, all our work is endorsed by the original equipment manufacturer (OEM).

Am I getting better rates by using Service-Easy?

All rates are competitive and by using the discount vouchers on offer, you will save money.

Why can we only give an estimate?

Service-Easy utilises a variety of workshops owned by different entities. We can provide an hourly estimate for labour, but there could be a difference in labour and oil pricing. The workshop can determine the prices of certain replacement parts or repairs once a correct Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) has been confirmed and the workshop diagnosis has been completed. The workshop will be in touch to communicate the cost with you. Never pay more than estimated unless the workshop confirms the increase with you upfront.

Why do we need your VIN?

Your Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) provides us with the most accurate and complete information about your car. We use it to match products and consumables with your car make and model correctly. Your VIN can be found at various places on your car, but the easiest is on your licence disc and it usually contains 17 digits.

What if the mechanic finds things wrong that are not detailed in my estimate?

If, during your service, the mechanic should find anything that needs to be tended to that has not been detailed in your estimate, the workshop will contact you directly to communicate the details.

When do I pay for my service or repair?

All accounts are settled directly with the workshop on completion and collection of your vehicle.