Paint tips
Your new car is shiny and beautiful with a brilliant paint job that you just want to keep in showroom condition. Luckily, there are a couple of things you can do to make sure your car’s paint looks as great as the day you bought it for longer.
Wash your car regularly
Dirt, grime, droppings and other foreign residue can settle down and bond with the paint. That is why it is so important to wash your car regularly - at least once a week.

Use the right soap
Use a balanced soap when you wash your car. Anything too acidic or containing harsh solvents can strip away the clear coat on your car’s paint. Also, avoid using a 2 in 1 wash and wax combo. Soap and wax have a very different purpose. Soap removes dirt and grease while wax adds a protective layer that get sticky if exposed and not buffed properly. When a product says it can do both, chances are that it is not doing a great job of either.

Clean off bird droppings immediately
Bird droppings are acidic, so even more than normal grime and dust, bird droppings should be removed immediately to avoid paint damage.

Wash with a soft cloth
Having small pieces of grime and dust stuck in your cloth will cause small scratches in your paint that can over time look like swirls over the entire car. So make sure you spray off the car first and remove pieces of dirt. Also ensure your cloths are clean and soft before you start washing.

Don’t forget to dry
Dry your car after washing it. Water left on the car to air dry can cause minerals to be left behind on the car damaging the paint.

Don’t forget to wax
This is a step many people skip, but waxing your car after washing adds a protective layer against dirt, dust, pollution, water, etc.

Cover your car
If your car is left in the sun, wind and weather, the paint can get damaged very fast. Do your best to always park in a garage or under cover. If you can’t, strongly consider getting a car covering that will protect your car from droppings, harmful UV, tree sap, bugs, etc. Just never cover your car while it is wet as this could lead to mould and fungus.

Repair minor scratches
Don’t leave a minor scratch to become worse and worse over time. If you see a scratch, fix it immediately and you will avoid it getting bigger or potentially allowing your car to rust and paint to peel.

Visit a paint professional
If an area or panel on your car needs to be fixed and reprayed, it is best to take it to a car painting specialist. They will know exactly what to mix to ensure your new panel looks just like the old one did.