Battery care tips
Hidden away under your bonnet, your battery is often forgotten about until the day it gives you problems. The best case scenario is to avoid the problems altogether, and we have some tips for you to do just that.
- Always ensure all your lights are off and doors are properly closed when you park your car. Open doors could keep the interior lights on and the door or bonnet sensor or on headlights will all drain your battery.

- Avoid constantly making short trips and allow your battery to recharge on longer trips. On average, a 30-minute trip at highway speed is what you need to fully recharge your battery.

- Avoid playing audio without the engine running as it will also drain your battery. Most modern cars have an auto-off function to prevent this, so don’t be alarmed if while listening to the radio with the engine off it suddenly turns off.

- Check under the bonnet regularly (whenever you fill up the tank, for example) to ensure the terminals are not corroded or loose. If you do notice any problems, consult an expert for a proper diagnosis.

- Signs of a failing battery include:
 - Dim lights
 - Problematic starting
 - Rough idle.

- Jump-starting your vehicle (especially modern vehicles) can be problematic and expensive if done incorrectly, check with the experts before attempting to jump-start your vehicle.

- Remember, batteries do discharge even if not in use. Leaving your vehicle to stand for lengthy periods will also drain your battery.